(IMAGE: Coffee Cherries)
To understand what a peaberry is, we first have to know a little about how coffee grows. Coffee beans grow inside of a coffee cherry (see image above). Typically, there are two coffee beans that grow inside of each cherry. Peaberries are a generic mutation where only one bean grows inside of the cherry. 
With only one bean in the cherry, the peaberry has more room to expand, allowing for a very round bean. Regular coffee beans have a flattened side where the two beans inside the cherry are pressed against each other (see image below).
(IMAGE: Peaberry vs Regular Coffee Beans)
Peaberries are estimated to be about 5-10% of all coffee beans grown. It is not until after the cherries have been picked and dried that separated. Separting the peaberries is done by hand, which results in peaberries typically being more expensive!
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