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Head Roaster & Chief Lost Officer


The Lizard, the Myth, the Legend... The Lizard behind it all! 





 Emily and Orion

met in 2016 and quickly connected over their passion for adventure and curiosity of the world. Although some of their travels together took them far, both eventually found themselves getting caught up in everyday life and starting to lose their sense of adventure. 

Emily and Orion were living on the island of Maui, Hawaii when the global pandemic of 2020 occurred. The events that transpired left them both feeling more lost and without a sense of direction than ever before, forcing them to reevaluate the paths they were headed down. During this time, they realized some of the best moments occur when life doesn't go according to plan. Slowing down and releasing themselves to their new reality they felt their sense of adventure being reawakened. 

Many new adventures (and lizard sightings) later, Emily and Orion decided to move back to the mainland and create something that embodied getting lost and embracing the unexpected, that is when Lost Lizard Roasting was born.

We humbly invite you, whether sitting down or on the go, to take a moment each day and get lost with the lizard!